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Contacting legislators 


SAFE periodically contacts members of Congress with timely comments re subjects on our agenda.  We typically send one-page letters via fax or e-mail, with references to the SAFE Website for further details.  See the recap of letters below.


Individual SAFE members also contact legislators on their own, e.g., by e-mail (through legislators’ Websites) or telephone.  For convenient reference, here is some contact information for members of Congress from Delaware.


10/2/14 – Sent links for two most recent SAFE newsletters to Delaware legislators with an explanation of our aims and activities.


9/6/14 – Reminder letter to Delaware members re SAFE’s position on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.


8/11/14 – Apprised Delaware members of SAFE’s blog entry on congressional performance and our disapproval of sweeping claims of executive authority.


7/18/14 – Responded to a letter from Representative Carney re immigration, reinforcing our June 28 message.


7/17/14 – Responded to a letter from Senator Coons re the Senate immigration bill, reinforcing our June 28 message.


6/28/14 – Responded to Senator Carper’s note re the Senate bill on immigration “reform,” explaining the problems we see with it.


6/16/14 – Letter to all members of Congress recommending that they stop the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan due to policy flaws and/or Executive Branch overreach.


2/15/14 – Note to Senator Coons re his response to Jan. 27 letter.


1/27/14 – Suggested to Delaware members that they reconsider their publicly announced views on the manmade global warming theory.


10/28/13 – Letter to 29 members of the Budget Conference Committee re replacing sequestration with targeted spending cuts.


9/9/13 – Letter to selected senators and representatives re the need for action on the fiscal problem and SAFE’s economic recovery plan. 


9/1/13 Furnished input to Delaware members re coming vote on an airstrike in Syria and current controversy re defunding GovCare implementation.


6/25/13 – Analysis of the Senate immigration reform bill sent to 75 members of Congress (both houses); a very different approach proposed.


6/18/13 – Response to Senator Tom Carper on request for input on the Senate immigration reform bill.


6/5/13 – Alerted Delaware members that 6/3 letter has gone out to all members of Congress and requested their support.


6/3/13 - Message to Congress (sent to all members, primarily via fax) urging that Congress balance the budget and keep it that way.


5/13/13 – Urged Delaware members to support recommended changes to the Internet sales tax bill that was passed by the Senate last week.


4/18/13 – Advised Delaware members of SAFE commentary on the budget standoff; observed that the two houses are worlds apart and there is a limited time to act.   


3/24/13 – Alerted Delaware members to recent posts with a connection to Delaware political figures and/or issues. 


2/11/13 – Summarized our opposition to any further tax increases, critiqued recently published comments of Senator Tom Carper & former Senator Ted Kaufman.


12/10/12 – Alerted Delaware members to SAFE column in the Delaware State News; we were somewhat disappointed by the response from Rep. John Carney.


11/26/12 – Summary of our recommendations for dealing with the fiscal cliff (for further discussion, see 11/26/12 blog entry) was sent to selected members of Congress.


10/16/12 – Apprised Delaware members of SAFE’s plan for rebooting the economy and helping create MORE JOBS.


9/24/12 – Forwarded some SAFE comments re the Constitution to Delaware members (two of whom had essays published in the recent News Journal series).


8/27/12 – Forwarded SAFE’s critique of News Journal sea level rise series (publicizing exaggerated claims of climate alarmists) to Delaware members & challengers.


7/16/12 – Comments on Senator Coons’s “health[care] policy briefing” after Supreme Court decision; copies sent to other Delaware members.


6/18/12 – “Heads up” to Delaware members re upcoming Supreme Court decision on GovCare + invite to follow SAFE on Twitter.


5/8/12 – Follow-up on 3/7/12 letter, citing Senate’s reported decision to block House budget and a recently published book (The Debt Bomb) by Senator Tom Coburn.


3/26/12 – Comments on House budget to (A) Paul Ryan & Dave Camp (we’re with you), (B) Van Hollen (please reconsider), and (C) Delaware members (take it seriously).


3/7/12 – Overview of “unfinished business” re cutting government spending and overhauling taxes, which was sent to selected members of Congress and others.


2/1/12 – Sent an updated (for the State of the Union address, etc) version of our “to do” list to all 535 members of Congress.


1/18/12 – Offered a four-point “to do” list for Congress in 2012, including general overhaul of the tax system before expiration of the Bush tax cuts; copies to House & Senate tax committee members, Congressional leadership, & DE members.

12/5/11 – Opposed temporary payroll tax cut, urged comprehensive tax overhaul; copies to House & Senate tax committee members, Congressional leadership, & DE members

11/22/11 – Suggested to Joint Committee members et al. in wake of deadlock announcement that Senate should either adopt House budget or propose an alternative.


11/15/11 – Comments to Joint Committee, reacting to rumors of a phony deal in the works, copies sent to JC members, Congressional leadership, & DE members.


11/7/11 – Comments to Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, copies sent to JC members, Congressional leadership, and DE members of Congress.


10/11/11 – Supplemented 9/23 comments to PSC re Bloom Energy tariff to cover broader policy arguments being relied on by proponents of the tariff.


10/10/11 – Confirmed our 8/22 comments to the Joint Committee members, and urged them to put politics aside and concentrate on targeted spending cuts.


9/28/11 – Public statement supplementing our comments to the PSC on the Bloom Energy tariff with broader policy arguments.


9/23/11 – Urged PSC to disapprove the proposed Bloom Energy tariff on grounds that Delmarva ratepayers would receive zero benefit.


9/6/11 – Suggested to DE members, as they return to Washington after the August recess, that low Congressional approval ratings should be taken seriously.


8/22/11 – Sent SAFE’s suggestions to the Joint Committee members in advance of their return to Washington from the August recess.


8/8/11 – Nominated 12 members of Congress for appointment to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction; the deadline for appointments is 8/16/11.


6/13/11 – Provided feedback to Representative John Carney on the federal budget workshops that he sponsored in Delaware on June 8.


5/31/11 – Suggested to members of the “Biden Commission” et al. that the U.S. Senate should face up to the fiscal problem and offer its own budget proposal for comparison with the Ryan Plan


5/11/11 – Cited former Senator Ted Kaufman’s column (NJ, 5/1/11) re US/China rivalry and offered our suggestions on preserving US free enterprise model.


4/26/11 – What to do about high gasoline prices, and what ideas won’t work.


4/11/11 – Reminded Delaware members there will be another shutdown crisis in May when a debt limit increase becomes necessary, and urged them to support the Ryan Plan.


4/1/11 – Encouraged House Speaker John Boehner to reserve “government shutdown” powder for the main event, a showdown over FY 2012 and beyond spending.


3/21/11 – Suggested this lesson from the quake-caused damage at Fukushima: the US needs policies that favor abundant, reliable and cheap energy.


2/25/11 – Reminded Delaware members of the extended version of our 2/2/11 message to Congress, stressed need to take the fiscal problem very, very seriously.


2/2/11 – Message to Congress (sent to all members via fax or in a few cases mail) re SAFE recommendations to avert a fiscal meltdown.


1/24/11 – Supported House vote to repeal GovCare; urged that the matter be taken up in the Senate on a priority basis.


1/7/11 – Reminded Senators Carper and Coons, Congressman Carney, of the SAFE agenda, and promised specific comments to follow.


12/13/10 – Re the pending “tax cut” deal, recommended the removal of roundly $200 billion in “pork.”


12/6/10 -- E-mails to the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (Fiscal Commission) on its mission and progress: May 18, June 21, July 26, August 23, October 4, October 20, November 15, and December 6 (final assessment)


11/18/10 – Reported on (1) SAFE’s comments to the Fiscal Commission, and (2) the recently started Members microblog.


9/17/10 - Today being the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution in 1787, it is fitting to reflect on the present day significance of that document.


7/26/10 – It is time to recognize that the economic stimulus package was a mistake, slash wasteful government spending, extend the Bush tax cuts, and stop attempting to “take over” the private sector.


6/22/10 – Commented on GovFinance bill via Chamber of Commerce “virtual march,” basically reprising 5/10/10 comments.


5/10/10 – Reminded of the suggestions in our 2/22/10 letter, pointed out the lack of action to date, and characterized the GovFinance bill as a power grab.


3/15/10 – Reiterated SAFE’s position as healthcare battle entered climactic phase.  GovCare proposal is conceptually unsound, dishonestly presented, and unaffordable.


2/22/10 – Transmitted highlights of our review of the president’s proposed budget and corrective actions urged (at once, before the election, and longer term).


1/20/10 – After the holidays reinforcement of points in the 12/14/09 letter; cites David Walker’s new book and Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts.


12/14/09 – Healthcare bill is seriously deficient, cap & trade bill has wisely been shelved for the year, and there is no need for more “ economic stimulus.”  The best thing Congress could do at this point is adjourn for the holidays.


11/2/09 – Expressed SAFE opposition to the proposed healthcare bill at a crucial point in the legislative process.


9/22/09 – Urged that Congress hit the reset button on the president’s legislative agenda and start work on the nation’s fiscal problem.  Picture of March on Washington included


9/2/09 – Participated in “listening session” on healthcare with Senator Tom Carper and his staff. 9/7/09 blog entry.


7/13/09  -- Posted an on-line letter to all members of Congress (see above), and e-mailed the members from Delaware to bring the letter to their attention.


6/8/09 – Summarized our EPA letter re the agency's proposed finding that CO2 and other manmade greenhouse gases are “pollutants” for purposes of the Clean Air Act.


5/13/09 – Forwarded a booklet entitled In Search of Real Healthcare Reform, and requested personal meetings to make SAFE’s case.


4/6/09 - Presented our proposals for healthcare reform


3/2/09 – Critiqued the president’s budget plan


2/3/09 - Opposed economic stimulus bill then making its way through Congress


11/20/08, 1/14/09 – Advocated that the nation’s political leaders put a moratorium on new programs and start cleaning up the fiscal mess


9/22/08 - Reported SAFE survey results re global warming


8/25/08 - Recommended I.O.U.S.A. following nationwide premiere showing on 8/21


6/3/08 – Advised of SAFE’s “cap taxes now” campaign


5/5/08 – Offered common sense solutions re soaring energy prices


10/17/07 – Advised of upcoming Fiscal Wake-Up Tour stop in Baltimore.


9/24/07 – Reported results of SAFE survey on how to balance the budget (respondents voted for cutting spending vs. raising taxes by 4-to-1 margin).


9/28/06 - Reported results of SAFE survey on how to avoid a fiscal crisis


1/19/06 - Asked addressees to “take a pledge” (language suggested by economist Gregory Mankiw) to be straight about the budget mess.


2005 – Concerted efforts to support Social Security reform, including sending a memo on the subject to all members of the U.S. Senate.