'17 ranks second warmest in state since 1895 (Maddie Laurie)

"Above-average temperatures are becoming the new normal around the globe, and Delaware is no exception. That doesn't mean the First State will turn into a desert or be underwater overnight. Whew! But it does mean small, long-term temperature changes could impact farming, diseases, pests and the resilience of beaches and the tourism industry they support." Sources cited: John Byrnes, UD; state climatologist Dan Leathers; Beth Chages, Citizens Climate Lobby; NOAA and NASA. It is flatly stated that "the burning of fossil fuels is to blame for the changing climate" - never mind the level of solar activity, fluctuations of the Earth's orbit or other natural factors that have driven climate change throughout the history of the planet. Compare: Is a mini ICE AGE on the way? Scientists warn the Sun will "go to sleep" in 2030 and could cause temperatures to plummet, Mark Prigg, Daily Mail, 7/10/15.
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