Allergies feel worse? Blame climate change (Maddy Lauria)

This story begins and ends with a 65-year-old grandmother, who is susceptible to asthma and wears blue face masks in order to go outside and feed her flock of pygmy goats. And as one might expect, the punchline is that global warming is to blame because longer growing seasons result in more pollen, etc. Also, it’s said that “some studies have found additional carbon dioxide may cause some plants to produce even more pollen.”

Experts cited include allergy doctors and Dr. Daniel Leathers. The latter is cited for this statement: “Since record-keeping began in the First State in 1895, Delaware’s average annual statewide temperatures have warmed up by about 0.2 degrees [F?] per decade. But since the 1960s, that warming has accelerated by as much as 0.5 degrees per decade.”

No global warming skeptics are quoted in the story, nor is it mentioned that agricultural yields may be improving to the overall benefit of the state economy.
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