House votes to trash plastic bags (Sarah Gamard)

DE House voted 33-7 to ban the single-use plastic shopping bags that have been commonly seen at supermarkets and convenience stores, now it’s up to the Senate. An effective date in 2021 is envisioned.

Some proponents say plastic bags are recycled at a low rate, leaving many “to end up in the trash.” Supposedly, a ban “would keep the state, including its watersheds, clean[er]” and possibly reduce stormwater and trash management costs.
Republic instructs customers that plastic bags should go in the trash versus recycling.

However, “some worry that the ban would be ineffective and have questions about how it would be enforced.” Also, what about business costs and consumer inconvenience? And by the way, the businesses affected are already required by law to accept plastic bags for recycling at their locations.

Exemptions: restaurants, small stores, paper bags (which may be more expensive than plastic bags), garbage bags, dog waste bags, newspaper bags.

Similar laws have already been enacted in other jurisdictions. Some states that charge a user fee have reported “drastic drops in usage or cleanup of paper and plastic bags.

This was the big story on page one; the story about gun control bills that failed (scroll up) was reported less prominently.
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