Gun bill failures raises doubts about Dems' leadership (Matt Albright)

Senate President Pro Tem David McBride declined to let three gun control bills out of his committee – despite having previously promised a floor vote – on grounds that support for them was “virtually nonexistent.” Scroll down for news story. This intraparty debacle “illustrates how and why Democratic leadership is frequently incapable of addressing the politically difficult problems.”

Hmm, maybe gun control isn’t the "must have" issue that some people perceive it to be. After all, assault rifles “are virtually never used in crimes in Delaware.” And stricter gun controls are a very big deal for the other side. But the way in which this issue was handled doesn’t instill much confidence in how the Democrats are likely to handle more serious issues like properly funding education.

Legislators are “infuriatingly risk averse.” There is ample evidence that the bark of gun fans is worse then their bite, e.g., look at how Sen. Trey Paradee (D-Dover) “openly spited the NRA last year and went on to crush a gun-rights challenger.” Sometimes you have to fight if you want to have real reform. Why isn’t Gov. John Carney out there twisting arms, not to mention Democratic legislative leaders [like Sen. McBride]?

Although “I’m not saying the agenda has to mean pushing Delaware to the left or dramatically expanding government, it should suffice to deal with the host of “basic problems” that “we already have,” but which leaders are unwilling to tackle because they are “politically timid
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