Carper's liberal credential questioned (Christina Jedra)

Facing a serious primary challenge this year, Senator Tom Carper debated Kerri Evelyn Harris on the evening of Aug. 27 at the Cab Calloway School of the Arts.

Harris (38 and an Air Force veteran) went for the jugular. Carper voted for the Keystone pipeline – voted to confirm Rick Perry as Energy secretary – voted to allow Tyson Chicken to stop reporting their emissions – voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as an appeals judge in 2006. And where was Carper on a $15 per hour minimum wage, Medicare for All, and free college? While conceding her inexperience, Harris characterized her lack of experience as a strength.

Carper (71 and a Navy veteran) has recently come out in favor of boosting the minimum wage and he allowed that he wasn’t going to make the mistake of voting for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation (this time to the Supreme Court) again. He also agreed that the healthcare system needs improvement, but stopped short of endorsing Medicare for All on grounds that “it would cost a pretty penny.”

Carper described himself as motivated, mad and fired up. He touted his experience in fighting the Trump administration, applauding the resignation of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and saying the best thing that could be done about immigration was to “change presidents.”

Carper is far ahead in the money raising and has a lot of support in Delaware. We imagine that he will win handily on September 6 – after which he will face the winner of the GOP primary (Gene Truono vs. Robert Arlett) in November.
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