Delaware's voting system works: Why change it? (DE Sen. Gerald Hocker)

Mr. Hocker is the DE Senate minority leader, a Republican, and represents the 20th District.

Registration system: People can register up to fourth Saturday before the elections. Can be initiated online, at the DMV or at the Dept. of Elections. Advocacy groups and parties work hard to persuade people to register. Very few people turned away at the polls (8 out of every 10K voters). Same day registration would enable people to show up at the polls with no identification except a photocopied utility bill, which invites fraud. Case in NH in 2016, 6500 people registered with out-of-state driver’s licenses and a year later most of them still didn’t have NH driver’s licenses.

Early voting: Lots of talk about voting rights, but what about voter responsibilities? They should follow the rules, register in advance, and vote either in Election Day or by absentee ballot in advance.

“Delawareans shouldn’t believe that these [proposed] measures are being offered by Democrats from some sort of idealistic aims, despite their declarations or protests. These bills are being pushed because Democrats believe that the few extra voters who will vote because of these changes will be Democratic voters.”
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