Equal Rights Amendment has hidden agenda (Rich Collins)

The writer (DE Representative, R-Millsboro) argues that the ERA amendment that is proposed for the Delaware Constitution would serve no valid purpose. First, it would only apply to state action – not the private sector. So forget about how the alleged “pay gap” demonstrates a need for the amendment. In the House debate, “supporters could not cite a single instance of discrimination the proposal would eliminate.”

Second, discrimination based on sex is illegal under existing law. So evidently the idea is to support other theories, such as the right of females not to be incarcerated in separate prisons from males or the unrestricted right to have abortions (which was effectively recognized by the decision in Roe v. Wade). And when Sen. Anthony Delcollo proposed amendments to the ERA amendment to make clear that there was no such intent, “all 11 Democrats in the Senate united to defeat the amendments – an unmistakably clear indication that supporters’ earlier statements about the amendment’s scope and impact were disingenuous.” Ergo, if the ERA amendment was enacted, it would “provide progressives with a powerful tool for achieving in the courtroom what they could not otherwise accomplish in the state capital.”

Politically, the ERA amendment is a wedge issue. Legislators who vote against it will be targeted in November based on claims that they “do not support equality for women.”
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