The News Journal endorses Tom Carper

Starting with the premise of “the Trump administration relentlessly [pursuing] policies that are bad for Delaware,” this editorial predictably concludes that Sen. Carper is the best qualified candidate to defend the First State’s interests. Experience – skill – seniority that gives him clout. Note how he led fight to block (a) repeal of GovCare and (b) rollbacks of environmental rules that are especially important to low-lying Delaware.

Kerri Harris is a fresh face, passionate and energetic, gave a good account of herself in the Aug. 27 debate. “Let’s hope she does not leave the public arena.” But she is a novice, with no prior elective service. Also, some of her policy ideas, such as Medicare for All, involve higher taxes and bigger government than “most people in our state will support, no matter how good the intentions.”

Once Trump is gone, it will be necessary to work across the aisle if “Congress is ever going to function again.” According to the News Journal, compromise “is Carper’s stock and trade.” Thus, it is asserted, “Carper has collaborated with Republicans on issues such as water and road infrastructure” and even “worked with the Trump Administration to confirm reasonable, well-qualified judges for our federal courts – even as Trump muscles through unqualified nominees in other states.” Delawareans want someone “who will fight when necessary, but compromise when possible.” And “by and large, Carper has struck the right balance.”

Aside from being anti-Trump, it’s unclear what policies Senator Carper stands for. What are his ideas about fixing the foundering healthcare system, balancing the budget, reforming the tax system (since the doesn’t like the GOP tax cut), etc.?
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