Bump stock bill signed into law (Karl Baker)

After having ping-ponged between the House and the Senate several times due to a series of amendments, the House finally voted on and approved the version of the bump stock bill that had last come back from the Senate. It was signed into law by the governor “about an hour later.”

And Sen. David McBride announced that he would bring an assault weapon ban bill (SB 163) to the Senate floor next week for a vote rather than allowing this proposal to remain stalled in committee. Sen. McBride had
previously defended his assignment of the bill to the Judiciary Committee , but now (after experiencing plenty of political pushback) he saw other considerations as paramount,

It’s plain to anyone paying attention that there is a great deal of public interest in this legislation. When an issue like this garners such an extraordinary level of interest and passion, every senator should have the opportunity, if not the responsibility to have their positions on the record.

COMMENT: We have no objection to SB 163 being voted on, although Sen. Greg Lavelle has maintained that it’s unconstitutional, but we hope the bill won’t pass. If it did, Republicans would be left as having gone along with almost all of the gun control proposals in play – and based on politics versus the policy merits. Stricter gun controls aren't the answer, 4/2/18.
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