How can Trump keep making the same unfulfilled promises (Ted Kaufman)

He promised to “build that wall” and “drain the swamp: in 2016, according to the writer, but having failed to deliver he is now making the same promises for his reelection campaign.

“Every incumbent I have watched in my political career at least tries to run on what he or she has accomplished, ideally campaign promises they have kept.” But observe, “the Wall is still a pipe dream,” and “the swamp has reached heights that the most corrupt politicians in our history have only dreamed of.” Thus, over 350 individuals with lobbyist experience have served in the administration, e.g., Patrick Shanahan (“the Boeing guy”) as acting Secretary of Defense, and now Mark Esper (Aerospace lndustries of America, then Raytheon) who took Shanahan’s place when he chose to withdraw from an uphill confirmation battle.

“Have I changed any minds? I doubt it. But you have to hope that sooner or later some in that 40% [trump supporters per the polls] are going to catch on to what has to be the most audacious case of political fraud in American history.”

This column fails to mention several Trump promises that have been kept, including the GOP tax cut, regulatory rollbacks, withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, and the Iran nuclear deal. On the whole, the president has a better record for keeping promises than many of our political leaders.

And who can doubt that there would have been a good deal of wall building by now if congressional Democrats hadn’t used every means at their disposal to block funding for this undertaking.

This leaves “draining the swamp,” which several presidential candidates have promised to do and no one has accomplished yet. It’s hard to find high level government officials who (a) have relevant experience, yet (b) bring complete objectivity and impartiality to the job. Don’t forget who FDR put in charge of the SEC when that agency was established, i.e.,
Joseph Kennedy, who had been a notorious stock price manipulator.
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