No hidden agenda in Equal Rights Amendment (Karen Peterson)

Column by Rep. Rich Collins (scroll down) “was factually wrong in so many respects” that it’s impossible to address all of its shortcomings in a 200-word letter. “Even [the late] Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia conceded that the U.S. Constitution does not prohibit sex discrimination.” Doesn’t matter that five Delaware statutes forbid discrimination based on sex, as many other sections of the state code don’t mention the point. In the past 40 years, 24 states have passed ERA amendments – and what were the bad results? “It’s hard to believe that in 2018, women are still trying to get into the constitutions of this country and this state. It makes me wonder what ‘hidden agenda’ is in the minds of those who oppose equal rights for women.”

The 14th Amendment guarantee against state deprivation of “due process of law” and/or “equal protection of the laws” applies to a broader and more inclusive category, namely “any person.” Therefore, the proposed ERA would be superfluous – unless indeed it’s supporters do have a “hidden agenda” of some kind – and opposition to its passage is not equivalent to opposing “equal rights for women.”
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