Carney asks EPA to ease up on refinery (Scott Goss)

This makes DE the third state (PA and TX already tried to no avail in late 2017, and a refiner called Philadelphia Energy Solutions declared bankruptcy in January) to request an EPA waiver from the ethanol mandates for refiners who aren't properly configured to blend ethanol in their product and are getting stuck with a big bill for biofuel credits (aka Renewable Identification Numbers or "RINS") that go to subsidize ethanol production. However, EPA director Scott Pruitt has pointed to the PES bankruptcy as evidence that the federal regime of renewable fuel standards may be in need of "serious reform." Governor Carney wrote on 1/30/18 that the requested waiver was needed to "not only preserve the steady refinery industry in Delaware, but to also maintain affordable, reliable fuel supplies for consumers and preserve refining capacity in the US." Critics accuse the owner of the DE refinery, PBF Energy, of exaggerating the problem (so what if this plant had to spend $217 million for RINS last year?) and using "scare tactics" in hopes of improving their bottom line.
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