Fracking ban proposal leaves environmentalists wanting more

In addition to proposing a ban on fracking within the Delaware River watershed, the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) is considering revising its rules re "other related activities within the basin." Environmentalists like Stephanie Herron of the Sierra Club are backing several ideas, such as making it more difficult for oil and gas companies to dispose of waste in the basin states or export water from those states for fracking activities. According to Delaware Riverkeeper Maya von Rossum, pictured at the podium with "don't drill the Delaware" signs and other women, "sucking water from the Delaware River basin to support fracking activities is "unacceptable and immoral." There have been endless studies that such restrictions are needed and fracking is bad. Jonathan Lutz reportedly testified that many of these studies found "no direct correlation between fracking and water pollution," but "opponents say the science against fracking is in fact settled, and are calling on the [DRBC] to enact a full ban on all fracking activities in the Delaware River basin."
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