Biden shares views on current issues (USA Today)

According to the lead-in, “we [USA Today editorial board?] asked presidential candidates questions about a variety of issues facing the country. Here’s what candidate Joe Biden had to say about climate change, gun control, healthcare and other issues.”

Most of the reported comments have been made by Mr. Biden in primary debates and other public statements. However we were struck by his responses to the two questions asked about the fiscal problem. Here they are (in full):

Q. What is your plan to address the growing national debt?

A. “Staying vigilant on controlling our growing national debt is not only critical to our nation’s economic health, but is also critical to ensuring that future generations won’t be saddled with massive interest payments that will crowd out other critical needs – like spending on healthcare and education. I will work with Congress to ensure we are addressing our national debt in a fair and effective way, reverse Trump’s tax cuts for the super-wealthy and corporations, eliminate special tax breaks that reward special interests, close the capital gains loophole for multi-millionaires, and pare back on ineffective tax expenditures for the wealthiest Americans.”

Q. Do you think our national debt is a national security issue? Why or why not?

A. Economic security is national security. That is why, as president, I will pursue a foreign policy for the middle class. That includes significant investments in workers, families, communities, and the core sources of our national strength, including innovation, education, and infrastructure. It also includes putting our nation on a sustainable fiscal path to make our country less vulnerable to economic threats from foreign powers and to strengthen our ability to respond to future crises.

The on-line version of this story, posted on
12/13/19, includes links to what other candidates said about various matters. No such coverage is provided for the national debt questions, so perhaps they were only addressed to Biden.
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