Carper shouldn't be senator for life

The writer (RE Vanella of Wilmington) invites readers “to join me in supporting Kerri Evelyn Harris [against Senator Carper] in the Democratic primary this September. Why? (1) Ms. Harris “stands for people, progress, justice and peace.” That translates to minimum wage increases, universal healthcare, solving homelessness, etc. (2) Sen. Carper offers “a very fine resume” for a Fortune 500 board or whatever, but as a representative of Delawareans in the US Senate his “skill set is obsolete and useless.” (3) Being a senator doesn’t require specialized training, such as is needed for pilots or surgeons. Don’t fall for the line that the corporate interest is in your interest, it’s not. See also: Does Delaware still want politicians who compromise? Matthew Albright, 5/6/18.
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