It's time for cleaner energy (Alan Greenglass)

This column conflates a number of perceived problems: global warming due to CO2 emissions, health problems caused by high smog days and pollutants in the air, cross-state-borders air pollution, etc. So listen up people, because “the air we breathe every day is already being directly impacted by fossil fuel use. And this isn’t a problem for just the poor, the old, the unhealthy, the unfortunate – we all breathe the same air.”

OK, there has been some progress toward cleaner air [
saying this was necessary as the RGGI has been in operation for over a decade], yet “the Wilmington-Philadelphia area ranks among the worst in the Northeast for the number of days with elevated ozone (smog) and particulate (soot) days.” *** Now “Delmarva Power tells us that 34 percent of our electricity comes from coal and only 6 percent from renewables.” And the Trump administration reportedly wants to “allow power plants to pollute more” and “[relax] mileage standards for cars," which will “only make it worse.”

Let’s get to work “to decrease the burning of fossil fuels,” there’s no downside because “renewable energy is now no more expensive than fossil fuels, and can create more jobs than we have in coal and gas.” Get involved, there are things every one of us can do, “and contact your local representative, asking them: Why we aren’t doing more to limit the use of fossil fuels and using more clean, renewable energy like solar and wind?”

The timing is a coincidence, but compare Midterm issues: Renewable energy, 9/10/18. Coal power is on the way out, being replaced by low cost and cleaner natural gas – wind and solar power are too unreliable to power the electric grid – no objection to using wind and solar power to some degree, but there’s no reason for the government to support them with mandates and subsidies – CO2 is not a pollutant – job creation claims are phony.

(Mr. Greenglass is a former physician leader at Christiana Care; he has ties to the Woods Hole Research Center and Physicians for Social Responsibility.)
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