Offshore wind plan sparking concerns (Maddy Lauria)

Basically reprises and adds comments to the 11/21/19 story (scroll down). One noteworthy point: Why are the offshore wind turbines in the Skipjack project described as nearly 900 feet high versus a previously publicized estimate of about 600 feet (taller than the Washington Monument)? The answer, it turns out, is that the project design was changed.

Earlier, Ocean City, MD officials said they would not support the project unless “it was at least 27 miles off the coast.” That was when the proposal was to build 8-megawatt turbines. Now that they’ve been upgraded to 12-megawatt turbines that reach over 850 feet in height, “the magic number is 33 miles off the coast,” Mayor Richard Meehan is quoted. The proposed construction site was and remains 17 miles from Delaware’s southern coast.

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