Deportations cause some real pain (editorial)

This editorial presents several stories about harm caused by deportations, e.g., a woman was taken into custody during a routine traffic stop near her home in southern Texas in 2009 and "summarily deposited across the Rio Grande by a border patrol agent," after which she was "murdered by her abusive ex-husband" in Mexico." The "ugly reality of deportations . . . could multiply by hundreds of thousands," it's suggested, unless Congress and the White House agree soon on a deal to protect nearly 800,000 "dreamers" by agreeing on a legislative DACA program. It's correctly stated that the DACA "remains at the center of the US budget fight, which was postponed but not resolved by the deal that reopened the federal government" on January 22. It is added (less credibly) that "the drumbeat in the background is the Trump administration's fable that the undocumented represent a major danger to national security." Evidence is claimed that "the foreign-born, legal and not, are less likely to commit crime than native-born Americans." Compare this study: Illegals commit crimes at double the rate of native born, Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, 1/26/18. It is asserted that "the dragnet fever" was launched by former President Obama and is now being aggrandized by his successor. We shouldn't have turned away Jewish refugees in the 1930s and 1940s, allowing them to perish in Nazi concentration camps, and even when the immigration laws were tightened up in 1996, "Republican and Democratic lawmakers were careful to include provisions ensuring that anyone seeking asylum [would] receive a fair hearing." We must not let that right melt away "amid the current haste to demonize undocumented immigrants." As we understand it, the administration's position is that the dreamers should be afforded a path to citizenship, but this should be done in tandem with serious measures to secure the borders and stop illegal immigration. Compare White House jumps back into the Dreamer battle with citizenship offer, Rachel Bade et al.,, 1/25/18.
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