Carney seeks more ed funding (Scott Goss)

Delaware public schools would get more money to educate English language learners and low-income students (consistent with the federal definition) under an initiative proposed by Gov. John Carney. “We can’t afford to leave one child behind,” he was quoted in this story.

The proposal: Revamp the state’s Opportunity Grants program (which began several years ago as an appropriation of $1 million for a competitive grant program to benefit low income and English language learner students) to the tune of $60 million over the next three years, payable to each district and charter school for every English language learner and $300 for each “low-income student” identified and put into the system.

“Exactly how schools use that extra money would be determined by each district and charter school and approved by the state Department of Education.” Let many flowers bloom, and then after three years “the state could require that districts adopt the plans that produce the best results.”

Kathleen MacRae of the ACLU called Carney’s proposal a positive step, but far from enough. “The fact is it’s only 1 percent of the state’s overall education budget and only extends for three years. Our hope is that the state funds a more permanent solution to this issue.” Now is the time to fix Delaware’s school funding,
12/12/18, discusses the pending ACLU lawsuit.
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