State workers get paid parental leave (Scott Goss)

General Assembly has passed a bill granting state workers 12 weeks of paid family leave; it sailed through the Senate by a 16-4 margin. The measure was proposed in the governor’s budget proposal, and he is poised to sign it. In a statement on June 19, he said “this benefit will be great for those women, great for us in terms of attracting them and great for the babies and children as well. It’s the right thing to do for the women who work for the state of Delaware and it’s the right thing to do for our state.”

Total cost to the state is estimated to run about $4 million per year, and school districts will also have to pay about $1.3 billion per year on substitute teachers. Sen. Gary Simpson (R-Milford), who is identified as the Senate majority leader [
Simpson is actually the minority leader, and is not seeking reelection this year], is quoted that “I fully appreciate the social aspects of this bill,” but “this is probably the most fiscally irresponsible bill that I’ve seen in my 20 years in the Senate.” Well said!
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