Why wont a blue state raise the minimum wage? (Matthew Albright)

Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in 2016 “drew immense energy from his call for a $15 minimum wage.” The writer was at one of the Sanders rallies in Delaware and remembers Mr. Sanders saying “if you think about half a loaf, we will get crumbs.” Many blue states and cities are moving forward aggressively on the minimum wage, but not Delaware. This week, the state Senate fell one vote short of raising the minimum wage by $1. All Republicans voted “no,” one Democrat (Sen. Brian Bushweller) abstained, and this isn’t the first time an increase has been blocked. Maybe the measure will pass this year in return for casino tax relief or whatever, but it’s noteworthy that a “modest increase” faces such an uphill battle. Perhaps “most Delaware Democrats aren’t as fervent about the minimum wage as the activists who attend party conventions.” But the bigger point is that Democrats aren’t winning as many seats in the General Assembly as might be expected given their statewide edge in party affiliation (325K Democrats/ 192K Republicans / 171K All other). “It would sure be a shame if Delawareans wanted a higher minimum wage and didn’t get if just because they didn’t bother to show up [at the polls.]”

Query: Doesn’t the current majority party in Delaware have more important things to offer than “virtue signaling” legislation like this?
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