On gun control, compromise is good (editorial)

In today’s political climate, in which compromise is a dirty word and gridlock is the norm, we were encouraged by the way the Delaware Senate approached a bill to ban “bump stocks.” Few legislators in either party oppose the ban, but GOP raised some legitimate concerns about the details. To their credit, Senate Democrats worked to address some of those concerns. Well done, all! Moreover, Democrats should be willing to support “a modest fund to reimburse bump stock owners for their confiscation” (the amount provided in the rejected amendment was $30K, which is peanuts but might be seen as a precedent if gun confiscation was ever put in play) if that would “improve the bill or broaden support for it.” Clearly Rep. Valerie Longhurst was upset by the Senate amendments, but she shouldn’t try to get them stripped out on the next go round and risk making the bill unpassable. There’s nothing wrong with lawmakers taking “some deliberative time to do things right,” or “giving a little to get a little.” NJ heads-up for Rep. Longhurst: Don’t overplay your hand!
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