Guns, school safety topics at town hall (Jerry Smith)

This story covers a town-hall meeting organized at Caesar Rodney High School with five state legislatures in attendance: Rep. Jeff Spiegelman (R-Townsend); Sen. Brian Bushweller (D-Dover); Rep. Lyndon Yearick (R-Camden/Wyoming); Rep. Trey Paradee (D-Cheswold, etc.), and Rep. Charles Postles (R-Milford). More than 30 students were lined up to ask questions, but in the 50-minute timeframe (4th Period) only four of them “got to the mic.” One student was quoted that “it should have been a lot longer. *** We need more time to voice our opinions.” Several students are quoted that the meeting was “a good first step.” All of the representatives professed to favor “stricter gun control laws,” although Rep. Spiegelman suggested the Parkland shooter shouldn’t have been able to buy a gun because “all the warning signs were there.” Re the possible provision of more funding for school security, Rep. Yearick said this should be “a school-by-school decision.” Rep. Bushweller said “all schools should assess perimeter security.”
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