Schools no place for social engineering (John Newton)

John Newton is a Wilmington resident.

“Some serious questions need to be asked after reading the guest columnists’ article re fixing Delaware school funding,” 12/12/18.

Food closets and wrap around support for families, since when are these things the responsibility of schools? Is the goal for schools to relieve the parents of responsibility for their children and assume that responsibility?

Since when is school funding to be determined by social engineers and nonprofit advocacy groups? Is funding considered broken if it shares funding equally among all schools based on student numbers?
Given Special Education programs, the equal funding model was abandoned years ago.

Is this merely a fancy approach at throwing more money at special interest groups? And does it mean that a new class of disadvantaged students are created, namely the average students who now get less funding?

Finally, who decides how school money is spent and distributed? We elect representatives to do these things, so why should the self-appointed leaders of nonprofits and advocacy groups be allowed to push their own agendas? Sometimes we hear the most from those who contribute the least.

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