Time to put up or shut up on gun control (editorial)

Time to put up or shut up on gun control - On 4/24/18, the DE Senate unanimously voted to pass a bill authorizing police to seize weapons from those deemed a danger to themselves or others, upi.com, 4/25/18. The absence of “no” votes is credited to Rep. Dave Bentz (D-Newark), “who worked on the bill with Republican lawmakers like Anthony Delcollo, R- Marshallton, and with the local NRA affiliate.” But alas, several other bills that should pass with strong margins remain in limbo. Bump stock ban – “we urge the House to immediately pass the bill as-is” rather than fretting about the Senate amendments. Age limits on the purchase of some long guns – “we hope lawmakers are working toward common ground.” Probably not much room for compromise on “assault weapon” ban, witness sentiment at a recent town hall discussion, but at least there should be a vote on the bill. Supporters of student walkouts and “March for Our Lives” demonstrations deserve to know where the members of the General Assembly stand, and “it’s time for Democratic leaders to put up or shut up.” If the News Journal is going to take a position like this, shouldn’t they offer some reasons for doing so?
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