Where is GOP when actual election fraud happens? (USA Today editorial)

Former GOP ideals used to include free trade, fiscal responsibility, standing up to the president, and presidents of strong moral character. Now add “stopping election fraud,” which is still complained about – however – “in cases where it doesn’t exist, or exists in trivial quantities,” so it can serve as a pretext to purge Democrats from the voter registration rolls or turn them away at the polls for having the wrong kind of ID.

In “the rare cases when credible evidence of election fraud actually shows up – as in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District this year – Republicans are flummoxed. Shame on NC GOP Chair Robin Hayes for his faux “horrified and disgusted” reaction at the games played with ballots by “paid political mercenaries.” Not long ago, he was calling for certification of the election of Mark Harris, and now he’s admitting that there may be enough evidence of misconduct (irregular use of absentee ballots, and now an allegation about the early vote being leaked) to require a new election.

“Along with voter purges, gerrymandering, lane duck power grabs and U-turns on major policy positions, the GOP’s feeble response to election fraud belies [sic] a party with few guiding principles besides a desperate desire to cling to power.”

The alleged “ballot harvesting” in this instance deserves to be taken seriously, but so does the use of this technique in Orange County, California, where 7 GOP seats in the House were “flipped” after the election. And in general, there is far more evidence of voter fraud around the country than liberals care to admit. US electoral system is faltering, 12/10/18.
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