We currently have a golden opportunity to fix Delaware's finances (Paul Morrill)

Here’s another letter touting the “budget smoothing proposal” (HB 460) as though it was the “greatest thing since sliced bread.” Passage of HB 460 is described as the first of two steps, to be followed next year by again passing the constitutional amendment that is proposed and also adopting “the revenue reform elements” of the plan.

Mr. Morrill is executive director of the Committee of 100, a nonprofit, nonpartisan association of Delaware business leaders. After lauding the governor for his leadership on fiscal matters, he closes on a dramatic note: “We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fix Delaware’s finances and start a new era of budgetary stability. Let’s hope our legislators will seize the moment.”

We continue to question the big rush to enact HR 460 without a thorough legislative review of the entire plan (including those “revenue reform elements”), which could easily be arranged next year. Ironically, the only “let’s think this through” comment that we have seem thus far came from a liberal Democrat, Rep. John Kowalko.
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