A truce in Delaware's charter school conflict (Matthew Albright)

Many were astounded when Charter School of Wilmington teachers voted to join the Delaware State Education Association union. Imagine, the DSEA that many reformers see as “a political machine that uses its cash and clout to squash innovation” getting its hooks into “the crown jewel of Delaware’s charter movement” (CSW earns terrific test scores, but is far from representative of the Delaware population). As charter leader Sam Paoli put it in a pre-vote letter to teachers, “there is a reason that no charter school in Delaware is part of the DSEA, and we believe it is in your best interest to keep it that way.”

But wait, this could turn out to be a way to make the charter school movement a bit less divisive. DSEA may be less vocally opposed to charter schools if it starts getting members from them. And pro-charter reformers will need to work with DSEA in the halls of their own school, so they might as well make the best of it. The progress that Delaware schools need would be a whole lot easier without constant animus over charter schools. “It’s hard enough to improve education as it is.”
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