Time to adopt NRA’s tactics for climate change (USA Today editorial)

Like the NRA or not, their “take-no-prisoners” approach to gun control [opposition] has been “ruthlessly effective.” Pay attention, “climate activists, businesses harmed by global warming [insurance companies, healthcare, agriculture, recreation & real estate], and everyone else who cares about the fate of the Earth.” Time for a climate super-lobby to “convince a still-doubtful segment of the public, mobilize voters, strong-arm recalcitrant lawmakers,” and “raise the money necessary to make all of this happen.”

“And time is running out. An assessment by 13 federal agencies released on Black Friday describe a climate already altered with more powerful storms, disrupted fisheries and 9inches of higher sea levels along the US coastline. It predicted severe economic damage by the end of the century.”

Compare: US government report presents dire global warming outlook, 12/3/18.

MONEY - If billionaires like Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg & Tom Steyer pony up, they could “generate more than enough to offset money contributed by oil and coal companies to block restrictions or new taxes on fossil fuels.”

MANPOWER – A climate super-lobby should be able to draw on tens of millions, notably Millennials who are “particularly fervent about the climate” and voters who care about healthcare and immigration (vast movements of people seeking relief from drought and food shortages).

MOBILIZATION – Imagine an ActBlue app pushed out to the troops, “triggering a donation alert every time a global warming-fueled disaster struck.” When the NRA speaks, Washington listens, and there’s no reason the save-the-planet movement can’t carry that kind of clout.

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