Coons calls for recusal from AG (Josephine Peterson)

Following the firing of Jeff Sessions, his former chief of staff Matthew Whittaker has been appointed as acting AG. This raises the question of whether Whittaker will take over supervision of the ongoing probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Coons has urged that Mr. Whittaker recuse himself from the matter, which he has previously characterized as a dubious effort that needs to be brought to a conclusion. Coons and other senators (e.g., Sen. Jeff Flake) have said “they will keep a close eye on the situation,” lest Whittaker limit the funding for the probe or otherwise inappropriately interfere with it. Among the arguments is that Whittaker was never Senate confirmed, so it would surely not be proper for him to make such a change.

Mueller was not Senate confirmed to conduct the probe, and there are some pretty good arguments that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who currently has oversight over the probe, should have recused himself from the start. [Alan] Dershowitz: “Hypocritical” to seek Whittaker’s recusal from Mueller case, Sandy Fitzgerald,, 11/9/18.

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