Fix Delaware's budget while times are good (DE Business Roundtable & DE State Chamber of Commerce)

Joint column by Robert Perkins (Delaware Business Roundtable) & Richard Heffron (Delaware State Chamber of Commerce) expresses support for the budget smoothing proposal, which would supposedly “smooth out the highs and lows of revenue projections and more prudently control state spending.” Arguments: (1) The proposal is bipartisan – being backed by Gov. John Carney (a Democrat) and Treas. Ken Simpler (a Republican). (2) A constitutional amendment would be needed, which would have to be approved in two consecutive sessions, so legislation needs to be passed by June 30 (the end of the current session) to get the ball rolling on a timely basis. (3) While there is a revenue surplus currently, that’s likely to change. The best time to get your roof fixed is when the sun is shining. (4) State lawmakers must remain laser-focused on controlling the state’s fiscal destiny by exercising restraint in state spending and focusing on long-term economic growth.

If there is any evidence that DE legislators are laser-focused on exercising restraint in state spending, we haven’t noticed it. Also, the column omits any mention of the associated tax legislation that is contemplated.
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