Oldest nuke plant in the US closing a year ahead of schedule (Wayne Parry, AP)

Exelon says Oyster Creek plant in Lacey Township, NJ will close this fall rather than by the previously negotiated (with NJ Governor Chris Christie in 2010) deadline of 12/31/19. Low power prices and operating costs for the facility cited. The plant has been in operation since 1969. Shutdown decision comes as NJ lawmakers are debating a $300 million bailout for the nuclear power industry being requested by the other big owner of nuclear power plants in the Garden State, PSEG. Environmentalists are delighted, cite longstanding complaint about how the Oyster Creek plant is supposedly killing fish by raising temperature of water in the Delaware River. "Oyster Creek's design - a boiling water reactor - is considered obsolete by today's standards."

Story fails to note implications for reliability of the electric power grid of retiring nuclear plants while bringing more wind and solar power plants on line.
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