Stop stalling on assualt weapons ban (Matthew Albright)

According to this column, the assault weapons ban bill is bottled up in committee due to a tactical decision by Senate President Pro-Tempore David McBride. It was foreseeable that the bill would stall in the Judiciary Committee (never mind the one-vote edge of the Democrats, because Democrat Bruce Ennis was a sure "no" vote), so McBride should have assigned the bill to a committee that would advance it. If the full Senate then voted "no," so be it, but at least the voters could make an issue of the matter in the fall campaigns. " . . . a party that controls both chambers and the governor's mansion, yet can't get a floor vote on a bill its leaders support? That's not a party that deserves to govern our state." Hmm, would that make a good slogan for the campaign of Christine Metzing?
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