It's about to get easier to vote in Delaware (Sarah Gamard)

A previously introduced bill for “early voting” in Delaware, HB 38, was passed by the DE Senate and is now awaiting signature by Governor Carney. The new provisions will become effective for the 2022 elections, and apply to primaries as well as general elections.

Supporters claim this legislation will shorten lines at polling places and accommodate people who can’t get there on Election Day, allowing voters to vote up to 10 days before Election Day. After all, as Sen. Nicole Poore put it, “You can order things on-line” from your home or “shop in the middle of the night in your pajamas,” so why shouldn’t we have “more convenience when it comes to voting.” And Gov. Carney is quoted that “we don’t have enough people voting,” and should therefore “create opportunities for people to vote more than just on one day.” He would also like to see approval of “no excuse” absentee ballots, which might represent the next step towards voting by mail.

Rep. Richard Collins reportedly “raised logistical questions, such as finding polling locations and people to work them each day. He also argued that voting is a responsibility as well as a right.”

See a previous SAFE letter, which (1) characterized early voting as a bad idea – even though many other states have adopted it, and (2) suggested the need for a DE constitutional amendment. Problematic Delaware election reforms, CC of DE newsletter, 4/1/19.

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