Equal rights amendment gets closer (Karl Baker)

First, the Senate passed the proposed ERA amendment with an amendment that fuzzed over the issues raised by Sen. Anthony Delcollo’s amendments in previous action. The new language reportedly provides that privacy concerns “may inform the state’s decision to support permissible single sex services or programming.” What this means is anyone’s guess, no doubt judges will have to rule on the matter.

The amended text was “rapidly passed” by the Senate (vote total not reported) and then overwhelmingly approved by the House (six “no” votes). To make the amendment effective, it will have to be passed again by the General Assembly in the next session. Rep. Valerie Longhurst lauded the result, saying “the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment has been nearly 100 years in the making – 100 years.”

Here’s a link to the amended text of H.B. 399.
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