Don't legalize marijuana (Dan Keister)

The writer says he started with a question and only reached an answer after studying the relevant information (a unique approach these days). However, he is involved with an advocacy group called atTACK addiction, which was formed following the accidental death of his son Tyler. He points out, among other things, "that no major national medical association supports the use of recreational marijuana" including American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Medical Association, American Medical Association and American Glaucoma Society. Also notes that there have been disturbing results in states where marijuana has been legalized, e.g., in Colorado "the yearly number of marijuana-related hospitalizations increased 72 percent." Surely, this shouldn't be what our citizens and government want for Delaware. About the "prohibition" doesn't work argument, there are all kind of laws against dangerous behavior - and by the way, alcohol overuse already causes lots of damage so why add marijuana to the "legal" list. As for the hoped-for increase in tax revenue, it would be dwarfed by social costs the government would wind up covering. Quotes a former head of the US Drug Enforcement Administration, Asa Hutchinson: "From my experience, the best economic policy for dealing with marijuana is to discourage use by enforcement and education rather than legalization and taxation." Similarly, see DE Marijuana Control Act, Suzie Dickson, SAFE Newsletter, Summer 2017.
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