Support renewable energy goals (JIll Gaumer, Wilmington)

This letter begins by echoing the complaint of another writer (former US Rep. Thomas Evans) that the president's State of the Union address "did not mention the environment, conservation, or wildlife protection" nor, "most critically . . . the immediate threat to our planet of global warming." Evidently, "we cannot alter President Trump's fossil fuel-infatuated brain" or "have much impact on the national level until the mid-term elections," but "we can act locally!" DE legislators "have the opportunity" to double down on the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Act (REPSA) by raising the target from 25% by 2025 to 50% by 2032. Such action would "go a long way to curbing our climate emissions, improving air quality and health in our state, and creating jobs in the well-paying solar industry." Contact your "state level senator and representative and ask that they support" this legislation.

These talking points overlook the costs involved, which would be substantial for Delawareans. As for the claim about jobs, see The False Promise of Green Energy, Morriss, Bogart, Meiners & Dorchak, Cato Institute (2011).
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