Bump stock ban sent back to House (Scott Goss)

DE Senate passed a bill stiffening penalties for “straw man” gun purchasers, the first gun control bill to make it through the legislative gamut, but this legislation is described as “a potentially negligible change in the state’s ‘straw’ purchase law." It seems that there have been very few successful “straw man” convictions under the existing law.

HB 300 (bump stock ban) was passed by the Senate with amendments, so the House will have to vote on it again. This drew the ire of Rep. Valerie Longhurst: “Yesterday, thousands of Delaware students walked out of school to clearly state that leaders need to take action on mass gun violence. Today we let them all down.” The amendments would downgrade the crime for a first-time offender to a misdemeanor and provide a four-month grace period for a prior purchaser to get rid of the devices. But a bump stock buyback program was shot down, so it remains arguable that the legislation would authorize the taking of personal property without compensation.
It’s OK to say listen to the students, but that does not mean legislators should stop thinking about the bills they are voting on.
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