LNG port coming to Delaware River site (Karl Baker)

New Fortress Energy (a NY energy company) plans to build an LNG port on the Delaware River, probably at a shuttered DuPont plant on the NJ side. Shades of a previous dispute in which DE was able to block a proposed LNG facility, but this time to service LNG exports versus imports and up-river from the point at which DE controlled the width of the river. Considerable discussion in this report about the potential hazards of LNG operations and the predictable objections of environmentalists.

It’s also pointed out, towards the end of the story, that other LNG operations in Delaware have occurred or are planned to take advantage of the storage advantages of LNG (can store 600 times as much fuel in a given space given the density of the liquid form at minus 260 degrees Fahrenheit). And in this regard, Delmarva Power recently announced a plan to build a $40 million, 500,000 gallon LNG storage facility at its property in Red Lion – right next to the Bloom Energy fuel cell farm. Delmarva is reportedly in discussions with DNREC re obtaining a Coastal Zones permit for the operation.

Bloom critics believe there may be a hidden agenda, namely accessing a supply of lower sulfur natural gas that could somehow pave the way for the controversial proposal to replace all the fuel cells at the Red Lion facility.
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