Long past time to fix Delaware property taxes (NJ editorial)

Editorial reprises a familiar theme: property tax reassessment by all three counties is decades overdue. “Put simply, county executives and county councils are happy to take our money – they just haven’t done the work to make sure they’re taking what people should actually owe.” Today’s paper includes the first of a series of news stories (by Xerxes Wilson & Jeanne Kuang) on this issue.

Generalization #1: “As with most broken systems, it is usually the wealthy who benefit and the poor who are hurt.”
[Hmm, do the truly poor own property?]

Generalization #2: “A reassessment is not a major tax increase” as the law requires counties to cut the tax rate so they only obtain “a small windfall.”

Chancery Court judge seems disposed to order a reassessment, and if that happens our leaders “should create a system of regular, rolling reassessments, the way many counties in other states have.”

Closing thoughts: “Why does it take a judge to make politicians do the obviously right thing? Why do they need a court to tell them to do their job.”

Queries: Why doesn’t the News Journal urge the General Assembly to resolve this matter instead of assuming that only a court will have the “political courage” to do so? Furthermore, why not straighten out the system on a statewide basis instead of continuing to rely on three sets of officials to handle this task?
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