Banning plastic bags in Delalware is not enough (Julie Miro Wenger)

Ms. Wenger is part of the Delaware Food Industry Council.

“Delaware is hoping to be the first state in the country to ban both single-use plastic bags and grocery paper bags.” Food retailers in Delaware want to promote “sustainability and environmental leadership,” but simply focusing on plastic bags is inadequate because paper bags “have a drastic environmental impact,” are more expensive than plastic bags, and “require 10 times the amount of trucks to deliver the same quantity of bags.”

A real solution depends on getting shoppers to carry reusable bags to the store so Delawareans can reduce their consumption, not increase their carbon footprint. Accordingly, “we hope business, government and sustainability organizations [will] all work together to educate consumers about the importance of advancing this effort and to advocate for a statewide solution that is based on less consumption.”

At the end of the 2019 session, the General Assembly had passed the plastic bag bill but not the subsequently introduced paper bag bill. We think Delaware’s government should think better of the plastic bag bill and find something more important to worry about.
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