Coast has choice other than wind farms, fossil fuels (Suzanne Thurman)

Ms. Thurman is executive director of the Marine Education, Research & Rehabilitation Institute in Lewes, DE.

The urgency of moving towards “sustainable energy” has never been greater, but one still need to weigh pros and cons of the alternatives. Let’s fully consider the potential of solar energy, geo-thermal, net-zero housing, etc., before backing offshore wind power.

Drawbacks of offshore wind: Potential disruption to marine life, including whales, shorebirds, butterflies, dolphins, seals, and sea turtles that live in or migrate through the area. “Fragmenting any portion of this ecosystems with disruptive forces takes its toll on every species including humans.” And certainly, installing the offshore wind farms coupled with high-voltage electric cables on the ocean floor could have disruptive effects, which have not been studied and are not fully understood.

“Current studies show that offshore wind farms are considered an apex predator, while large whales are considered the cornerstone species for the health of the planet, making protection of their habitat vital to every living creature.”

Tip for advocates of sensible energy policy. When it comes to offshore wind power, environmentalists are potentially on our side.
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