Dial back the nanny state (Douglas Cox)

News Journal letter to the editor (from Douglas Cox in Hockessin): “It is time to end Gov. John Carney’s state of emergency.” Letter cites 2,184 cases of COVID-19 for New Castle County out of population of 572,970, or “infection rate of 0.4%.” And 91 deaths is only 0.1% of the elderly population, which is “not much different from the losses that occur annually due to flu.”

Not only are the disruptions and economic losses “no longer justified,” but “many of the regulations are ridiculous.” #Golf courses open, beaches closed. #My daughter in MD can’t cross the border to shop in Middletown. #No surge in COVID-19 cases associated with “essential stores” that have remained open, social distancing & masks work. #Not much risk in playing baseball, etc., get people out and doing things.

Business closures are hurting the state’s financial situation and “people now know enough about COVID-19 to take care of themselves.”

The state is now changing course, but maybe not as fast as it could. One very big point should be reopening the schools.
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