DE House Republicans agenda (Short & Dukes)

Reps. Danny Short (minority leader) & Tim Dukes (minority whip) offer this view of the path forward. In general, the goal is to advance previously proposed amendments to "[improve] state government and [protect] parents and small business." The thrust of the enumerated proposals seems to be primarily procedural, i.e., prescribing how things should be done versus what can or will be done. Not a word about the underfunding of post-employment benefits, which is getting Delaware into a deep fiscal hole that will eventually attract attention from rating agencies and lenders.

Require political candidates to disclose back taxes – give Public Integrity Commission authority to have State auditor review alleged “double dipping.”

Restrain ability to introduce and pass legislation at the last minute: (HB 136 would end the last day the session at 7:00 PM, another constitutional amendment would require crossovers from one chamber to the other to take place 10 days or more before end of session, minimum of 48 hours to review “money bills.” In each case, exceptions could be made with supermajority vote.

HB 145 would assert parental rights to the “care, custody and control of [one’s children]” under Delaware law.

HB 167 would require cost/benefit reviews of proposed regulations and periodic sunset reviews of “all existing small business regulations to determine if they should be amended or appealed to minimize the economic impact.”

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