Negative take on Trump (USA Today)

A special section in the Sunday News Journal was devoted to brief essays on the first 45 presidents of the US, and in general the material was thoughtfully prepared. We were struck by two things about the Trump writeup, however, which in our view revealed the newspaper’s obvious bias.

FIRST, each of the first 44 essays included sections called “how he defined the office” and “successes and failures.” The Trump essay substituted “on the campaign trail” and “while in office" sections, as though to convey that this president was somehow different (less consequential or whatever) than all of his predecessors.

No need to debate the point, but we don’t happen to agree.

SECOND, ended the essay with the following comment: “Trump became the third president to face impeachment when details emerged about a phone call with Ukraine’s leader in which Trump is accused of withholding military support in exchange for a political favor. He entered 2020 waiting for the House of Representatives to submit articles of impeachment to the Senate.”

What was the reason for not adding that the president was acquitted by a majority of the Senate on February 5, 2020?
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