Delaware shouldn't welcome return to "normal" healthcare (Jessica Scarane)

Jessica Scarane is running against Sen. Chris Coons in the Democratic primary. In this News Journal column, she seeks to stake out a position on "the inefficiency, cruelty and injustice of our current healthcare system." The problems were always there, and now a global pandemic has exposed them.

The basic problem is a "drive for profits," which inflates healthcare costs and motivates people to ration medicines and defer getting the medical tests and services they need. Too many people are uninsured (68K Delawareans), can't afford to use their insurance, and/or have to fight insurers for the care that they do get. "The stories I heard from Delawareans this week, as my team spent hours phone banking, make the issues within our healthcare system plain. With universal healthcare, according to the writer, $450 billion per year in overhead costs would be eliminated and 68,000 lives per year would be saved
as a result of patients getting the care they need on a timely basis.

Medicare for All "will be on the ballot this fall. Let's vote for it. Let's vote for ourselves. Let's make these changes now, so we're prepared for the future." Isn't this out of date, as Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the presidential race?
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