DE House Democratis agenda (Schwartzkopf, Longhurst & Mitchell)

Reps. Pete Schwartzkopf [speaker], Valerie Longhurst [majority leader], & Larry Mitchell [majority whip] offer this view of the legislative scene.

Why, in our currently polarized society, would anyone want to be involved in politics? But that’s Washington, DC. Things are different in Dover, where “House Democrats go to work for you” every day. Several of the initiatives being worked on enjoy broad support, and while it may not make the news, work is still getting done to better the lives of Delawareans.

Healthcare: Access needed medications without having to jump through hoops – reinsurance program to lower healthcare premiums – banned prescription drug overpayments – expanded dental insurance coverage to those in need – created prescription opioid impact fee to cover addiction services and treatment – protected access to healthcare by codifying parts of the ACA.

Tackled “significant criminal justice reform,” passing 11 bills , many with “overwhelming bipartisan support.” E.g., decriminalized underage consumption or possession of alcohol or marijuana.

Improved voting options on premise that “our government works best when everyone has an opportunity to participate,” e.g., by “establishing in-person early voting in 2022. And more ideas for expanding voting are in the pipeline.

We led on ideas like prohibiting single-use carryout plastic bags at large and chain stores, approving the largest capital infrastructure bill in state history, and passing the Equal Rights Amendment in Delaware. Expect more good ideas in 2020: water infrastructure projects – protecting environment for future generations.

And voting on bills isn’t all we do, we also work with individuals and civic associations on constituent concerns.
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