Look at all the agendas surrounding impeachment votes (Lawrence Giordano)

During the impeachment trial of President Trump, a Harvard law professor explained that all of us frequently have multiple motivations for taking some action.

This includes Trump's motivations in asking for an investigation of corruption in Ukraine itself, and also for an investigation of Hunter Biden's possible corrupt activity, with the known corrupt Barisma company, whose board Hunter was on and for which he was paid millions.

Recently, Sens. Carper and Coons each wrote an editorial about why they voted to convict and remove President Trump from office. I ask anyone reading this letter to ask themselves this question: Is there any doubt that both senators made their judgments, at least partially, based on their political electoral possibilities, i.e they also have multiple motivations?

They want their constituencies to know how they feel, so it will improve their chances of being re-elected. Can you imagine the backlash from their constituents if they voted to acquit? Trump had multiple motivations in the infamous phone call to Selensky but the senators simply chose to ignore this reality about their own motivations when they voted. Their hypocrisy has no boundaries.

Lawrence Giordano, Wilmington

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