Republicans line up to challenge Carney (Sarah Gamard)

News Journal - Given that Colin Bonini lost handily to Governor John Carney in 2016, one might think this story would have focused primarily on the other challengers. However, it’s written as though Bonini was the main GOP player – starting with a big picture of Carney & Bonini taken at one of the 2016 debates.

The main 2020 issue mentioned is the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, an area in which Carney has “relied on guidance from public health officials” while Republicans are “pushing a more business-friendly reopening agenda despite the spike in reported infections across the country.” Jane Brady, head of the Delaware Republican Party, says this issue has resulted in a crowded field, which could hinder party delegates from agreeing on an endorsement.

All of the other challengers are identified in the course of this article, but only on the continuation page. Here’s a brief recap.

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